Heritage in Alentejo

Along the journey of discovery of the Alentejo, it will be held this architecture is an example of wisdom and history of various peoples. The buildings involved in the landscape natural and balanced way in which the arranged materials and solutions adapted to-sync with the climate and environment in order to form only alentejanos sets, which over the centuries have become inspirations for contemporary interventions.

Walking through the Alentejo, there is always a meeting between two types of architecture, a scholarly and other popular, while one is a great value in the monumental heritage point of view, as the sun of the great estates or the houses of nobles in urban centers, other falls more faces of genuinely rural heritage, as the old houses of the villages, towns and cities, respectively. But evolution also enters the equation heritage, old coexists with contemporary interventions, modern compared to the traditional, always relating to architectural traces that identifies the Alentejo has with a modernization intervention, something unique that holds the eye.

Alto Alentejo

Passing only a few delighted Alentejo places, it begins by the North Alentejo, with compelling Marvão villages and Castelo de Vide also Alegrete, inside and outside the castle, the small Flor da Rosa, the historic center of Vide and Alter Pedroso.

Medieval Castle of Marvao, Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo Central

In the Central Alentejo, mandatory stop are the three Alentejo heritage jewels, Evoramonte, Terena and Monsaraz. If there is more careful and experienced village is Redondo, on the contrary, if there is a village recovery paradigm is St. Gregory at the foot of Serra d’Ossa.


Heritage in Alentejo

Alto AlentejoAlentejo CentralBaixo AlentejoLitoral Alentejano

Baixo Alentejo

Regarding the Baixo Alentejo, the most prominent historical centers are lvito, Serpa and Mértola, each in their environment and specific environment, but the Vila Alva, between Alvito and Cuba, Casével and Aivados, near Castro Verde, and the beautiful Messejana, a short distance from Aljustrel are villages with old houses of great heritage value.


Litoral do Alentejo

Finally, in the Alentejo coast, there are three villages, different framework, but which are very appealing to those who want to spend a vacation to the sound of the ocean, feel the salt air and feel the sun’s rays and can stroll leisurely along the sea front, going to Santa Susana (Alcacer do Sal), Lousal (Grândola) and the mountainous Valley Santiago (Odemira).