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Activities in Azores

The Azores call not only for nature, its beauty, but for the practice of sports and adventure activities in it, in nature. Both by land and by sea, by air or floor, the Azores are a place to love.

São Miguel

This island offers infrastructure and services that make a real experiential island and a true gateway to the Azores active exploration. By land, the landscape can be enjoyed by walking the many trails, horseback riding and cycling are some of the many ways to enjoy the natural beauty of San Miguel. This island also features two golf courses, for those who seek their practice in a totally tranquil environment, an island in the middle of the ocean with the untouched nature. For those who like to entice adrenaline exploitation, you can do it in 4×4 jeep or motorbike 4 or mountain biking. By air, the cutaway view can be seen but above all felt in a paraglider flight, capturing extraordinary photographs of woodlands and beautiful lagoons. Down abruptly, the underground world cries out to be explored, especially the Coal Cave offering escarpments sections equipped for performing climbing. In terms of water, this island allows canoeing, fishing, and other water sports in their ponds, implanted in the boilers of volcanoes. You can also perform diving, whale watching and do deep sea fishing, but the surf and bodyboard are gaining ground. Pópulo, Água d’Alto and Ribeira Quente are true natural pools surrounded by volcanic sand which is dispersed throughout the island, since the thermal spas of Blacksmithing and Furnas are perfect places to relax and enjoy to renew their energies.

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What to do?

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On this island, the bay of Praia da Vitória calls for surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, water skiing and riding jet skiing, towing buoys or gull. At sea, boating, sailing, sea kayaking, along with the observation of whales and dolphins, are one of the biggest attractions of Terceira, providing a fun dynamic in nautical experiences. In Angra do Heroism is in the Underwater Archaeological Park of the Bay of Angra do Heroísmo, which complements the nautical offer of the island. Along the coast Terceiran the sea fishing activities and spearfishing have gained practitioners, but the diving is to capture attention by both the professional offer including baptism and courses. Terceira also offers a variety of natural swimming areas such as willows, Salgueiros, Silveira, Negrito, Quatro Ribeiras, Biscoitos and Porto Martins with seaside supporting infrastructure. For those looking to venture into the interior of the earth, the Algar Coal and Natal Cave are extraordinary experiences of caving, but the more experienced can visit other caves and grottos of the island, always with the guide help. In large development is sport climbing which has several schools with equipment, including Chanoca, Chupa Cabras and Grota do Medo. For lovers of the sky, paragliding is an adrenaline strand that can be dropped at various points. On land, Third offers a wide variety of trails that can be explored either on foot, as the horse or donkey or so bike, mountain bike and motorized. In Adventure Park in Quinta do Galo there are several jeep tours offers 4×4 and moto4. Golfers can add to your field list the Terceira Golf Club.

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Pico waters are ideal for whale watching in its natural extension, but especially perfect the practice of sailing and kayaking, or for a boat ride relaxed, allowing you to observe the cut of the coast, or to practice fishing or diving. But for those who enjoy a rest by the sea, the natural pools of Pico in lava tips, allow a view of the crystal blue sea, inviting for a bath. Going up into the mountains, they are a mental and physical challenge, since the scale, along with a guide, which allows to know the vegetation in detail, which varies depending on the altitude and each species has its story around the largest of the Azores volcano . In the Cave of the towers, its lava tunnel provides a single point in the underworld of the island. The Peak is the real paradise for caving due to the dozens of existing volcanic cavities, such as Frei Matias, of Montanheiros or Henrique Maciel possible to explore, but with the aid of guide and specialized equipment. Not forgetting the hiking trails, bicycle, donkey or horse, they are a well-structured line that enable enjoy the calm of picoense landscape. As for those who prefer adrenaline, mountain biking, moto4 or cross-kart or even climbing are activities more than indicated.



The beaches of Porto Pim, the Conception and Almoxarife are the perfect beaches for bathing, the latter has a privileged view of the Pico Mountain. In the area of ​​Varadouro, the bay provides a natural pool with indentations and rocky points of basaltic lava. An ancestral relationship, sea and Faial remains interconnected, revealing this strong association in Horta, being an important center for whale watching, swimming with dolphins, diving and boating. To go through the channels between the islands is necessary to whaling boats and the kayaks. To face the sea in a playful way resorts to sailing, windsurfing, rowing and surfing. A great tradition is fishing, most in the sports aspect, it is common to catch sharks and marlins at sea. On land, the hiking trails run through tens kilometers through the mountainous interior of Faial and the coastal areas, which call for calm, but also for those who prefer the excitement and adrenaline, the risk increases in the circuits of BTT, 4×4 jeep or cross-kart.



Boat trips require a longer route because of the grandeur and diversity of the coastline of the island. Only visible from the sea, the Arch of Santa Cruz das Flores or the Islet Maria Vaz, or Cave of Enxaréus offer a unique moment of contemplation, to see the beauty that nature offers. You can take a short hop to the island of Corvo from the flowers, the arm of the sea that links these islands, a journey of discovery of the island that marks the horizon of Flores. For those looking for serenity and calm along the natural pools without doubt Santa Cruz is the best place or even in the Lajes das Flores beaches, Faja Grande or so near the well water falls Cod and in Ribeira Grande, are spaces that elevate the spirit to mother nature. For the curious and observant, diving and whale watching are the recommended activities. Fishing sought both at sea and in full of trout streams, is a patience activity that allows unwind. Flores is one of the best points of the archipelago for bird watching, as the starlet and the warbler, constituting a true sanctuary for native and migratory species. Due to the abundant streams and waterfalls, canyoning is an activity expanding, with several courses and introductory courses for those who want to join nature to a feeling of adrenaline.


São Jorge

This island has excellent natural conditions to conduct maritime activities, such as diving, fishing, sailing or kayaking, but they are the waves of Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo that are seen as a European surf and bodyboard Mecca. For those who like to relax listening to the sea, the natural pools in Velas, Fajã do Ouvidor, Faja Grande and Top are the most suitable locations for such. On land, São Jorge is left to explore by hiking or even mountain biking circuits. Under development are activities like sport climbing, based on Urzelina, and canyoning. For those who want to know the underworld of São Jorge, along with a guide and suitable equipment, caving offers an unforgettable experience in the grottos of Montoso and Fire Bocas, with 140 and 120 meters depth, respectively, even though it is considered a challenge for both amateurs and as for experts.

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Regarded as an internationally paradise for bird watching, this island inhabit several species of birds like the tern, cagarro and wood pigeon, as migratory birds of North America seek food and rest on this island as stop during their long journey . The dive has also developed the Raven, largely due to plenty of great spots and the effort to preserve the biodiversity of fish and marine fauna. On the other hand, the boat tours are around the island so that it can be completed by the true beauty. And for those looking for the sun, the Sand Beach and Harbor House are local ideas for home. All of nature, human and natural heritage invite to a pedestrian or bike ride.



The connection with the water, makes this island a perfect place for scuba diving and fishing, providing the exploration of the coast by kayak or boat. Already the bays of Santa Cruz, the clearance and the beach offer activities such as rowing, sailing and windsurfing. For sunbathing and relaxing while listening to the sea, Caparacho, Praia, Barro Vermelho and Calheta are the most attractive areas. In Carapacho there are hot springs at temperatures of 40 ° C that invite those seeking relaxing and therapeutic baths in waters recognized properties and capital gains welfare. This modern thermal spa offers facilities to accommodate visitors and has a variety of techniques and valences in a natural setting overlooking the ocean mass and the Ilhéu de Baixo. More recently, the sea joined the offer Carapacho, where the visitor can enjoy a bath in this water, but heated for a relaxing and exotic natural thalassotherapy. This island has several routes, highlighting the road surrounding the boiler and can be done on foot, by bike, mountain bike, horse or car, always ensuring a view of the stunning landscapes, from coastal cliffs, white houses and land and green fields. But you can not forget to visit the Cavern of Sulphur, the ex-libris of Graciosa, with the support of a guide, visit the bowels and volcanic cavities become an adventure of discovery of underground secrets, both of Sulphur Furna as the Furna Water, the Furna do Abel or Furna da Maria Encantada.


Santa Maria

With natural conditions both terms of climate and geography, this island is a true seaside resort, the many beaches and pools offering more than perfect conditions to practice activities such as surfing, windsurfing, water skiing and sailing, especially the Beach Taiwan, but also the beaches of Santa Maria are essential places for relaxation. However, nothing like being at sea, taking advantage of the waves for a boat ride and can pass the islet of the cave of Romeiro, the basins and inlets, meet the jagged coastline of cliffs and steep descents, great places for trolling fishing and fund and for coarse fishing on the high seas, traditional styles of Santa Maria. The sky, paragliding is an activity of good shelter in the various bays of Santa Maria. In the underground world, with a guide and with the proper equipment, you get the ultimate experience of exploitation of natural caves such as the Furna de Santana and Furna Velha, or dug by man, as is the Cave of the Figueiral.