Hiking in Corvo



A journey that begins and ends with the viewpoint of the Cauldron. This goes by the lagoon and while walking you can listen and watch the Snipes (Gallinago gallinago), this species is also frequently observed within the Cauldron, other birds also nest in this place including the Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) and the sandwich tern (Sterna hirundo).

  • Shape – Circular
  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Extension – 4.8 km
  • Average Time – 2:30

Cara do Índio

Commencing with the Red Cave and ends in Vila do Corvo. This rail are old shelters, interesting geological formations, large lichens and cedars of the woods (Juniperus brevifolia). Within the limits of rail are two reservations, the Site of Community Interest and Special Protection Zone.

  • Form – Linear
  • Difficulty – Medium
  • Extension – 4.5 km
  • Average Time – 2:30

Where to go

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