Heritage in Santa Maria

In Vila do Porto, the houses keeps traces of the settlement of the early days in some places, with lancet windows and doors of Manueline features, and the Our Mother Church Lady of the Assumption proof of which will have been the first church to be built in the Archipelago the Azores and the São Brás Fort with their guns pointed at the sea, go back to the pirate attacks times. The town of Angels is dominated by a statue of Christopher Columbus, tells this to Castile service attended a Mass celebrated in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels, thus paying solo Azorean the promise made by the Genoese, during an intense storm that put in danger its fleet. In Holy Spirit, stands the monumental curves forms the Church of Our Lady of Purification, along with the Baroque façade, which contrasts with the right geometry of the bell tower in the basalt and lime play to empty into a pyramid covered with tiles. However, this island play the chromatic that are present in traditional houses, its rectangular shape that rises a cylindrical chimney based on an unfinished pyramid, but other places have opted for a different color, such Almagreira, which uses the color of reddish earth, ocher, to contrast with the white masonry through pottery pieces. In Ribeira Grande and the Low Azenhas are recognized the mills used to move grinding wheels to water force, which transforms the landscape, marking it with the windmills, with typical and mighty wooden frames to hold the candles. In order to appreciate the architecture, culture and Mariense ethnography, the Museum of Santa Maria promoting through the collection of ceramics, temporary exhibitions and music seasons are also part of the daily life of this museum. Almost extinct is the pottery tradition of this island, but still resist the work on handlooms energized by the Cooperative Handicraft Santa Maria, along with the towels and linen shirts, quilts and woolen sweaters are examples of pieces created by local artisans.

Heritage in Azores

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Capela de Nossa Senhora dos Anjos

Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels – the first temple of the Azores Archipelago, having prayed here Christopher Columbus, in the America of the return trip.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Assuncao

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption – in honor of the patron saint of Santa Maria, this church is one of the oldest of the Azores, undergoing changes over the centuries, but has kept some elements of the original structure.

Centro de Interpretacao Ambiental Dalberto Pombo

Environmental Interpretation Center Dalberto Pombo – a center which houses several collections of the natural heritage of Santa Maria, with an Azorean naturalist estate that gave the name to this center.

Museu de Santa Maria

Museum of Santa Maria – is an old country house of the twentieth century and presents collections of furniture and traditional home appliances this island, also having a core on everyday life, with an exhibition of several ceramic pieces created by hand and traditional potteries in Santa Maria.