Being the highest city in Portugal, this is reflected in a name “shield of the Star”, and this region can breathe clean air, sound and light, a mountain climate, with its fertile valleys that give a taste food different and unique. Welcoming a unique and thriving cultural heritage, the city is hidden in its walls that have over 800 years of history. At the highest point of the city is the Tower of Homage which is the landmark of the defensive structure of the Guarda.


When the transfer of the episcopal see of Egitânea, ie, Idanha-a-Nova, to the Guarda, and a landmark moment in the history of the city, but was imposed the construction of a cathedral. This Gothic church has aesthetic features that are reflective of the time and the artists who have left here their marks, this is highlighted the altarpiece of the chancel in ançã stone, offered by John Rouen. Outside, the Guard Cathedral has some fine granite carvings on the pinnacles and gargoyles.

With more than eight centuries of history, this city hosts both a cultural duality as religious, between Catholics and Jews who have left and continue to leave your legacy, your heritage in the city, the narrow streets that require maximum attention to the details of civil and military architecture, among ornaments and symbols.

What to visit

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