Provided with access, as highways that connect Leiria full and Portugal along with the railway line, the Western Line, which further ensure their accessibility. The city of Leiria has been an example of economic development due to the entrepreneurial dynamism, with the development of trade, agriculture, ceramics, plastics, molds and cement that are the pillars of its sustainability.

Presenting a set of heritage elements of architecture, museology and gastronomy, that by joining with the natural spaces that have been a great bet to improve the life and the urban fabric, Leira increasingly draws more people, both by the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria which is an attraction for the young population.


In the spotlight, Leiria Castle dates back to 1135, when King Dinis resided since the Monte Real Spa, the beach of Pedrógão and Shelter lapedo child, an infant grave with 25,000 years are the elements of great tourist attractiveness of this region.


What to visit

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