Shoreline of Portugal

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Continuing to draw the coastline of Portugal, we highlight the following beaches.


São Jacinto Beach

Along the Canal da Barra and limit the Natural Reserve of São Jacinto Dunes, a protected area due to species of different flora and fauna, this beach has an extensive sandy beach and almost in its natural presence, is perfect for long walks and has conditions for surfing.



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Palheirão Beach

With a 6 kilometer beach, this connects Cantanhede and Mira, a dune system which is protected by the vegetation of the forest Forest Perimeter of Cantanhede dunes. This beach is looking for naturism enthusiasts or for those looking to make a picnic in a forest.

Praia do Palheirao

Tocha Beach

In a picturesque village, this beach also features the testimonies of old barns used by fishermen to store the material used in their fishing. This beach is quite popular for its golden sands, calm and engaging with the sea.

Praia da Tocha

Figueira da Foz

Costinha Beach

With an extensive sandy area of 8 kilometers, which is bathed in a rough sea, this beach is surrounded by National Forest this Quiaios the dunes, being quite popular for its quiet and to practice naturism.

Praia da Costinha

Quiaios Beach

In a landscape that meets the vegetation, a golden beach and blue ocean, which is highlighted in a wooden walkway, this beach is very popular to practice naturism and contains conditions for surfing.

Praia de Quiaios

Murtinheira Beach

With a wealth dunes, this beach is favorite for those who like to be more comfortable in a wild system with only a wooden walkway. It also seeks for its conditions for surfing and bodyboarding.

Praia da Murtinheira

Tamargueira Beach

With a sand interspersed with rocky ridges, perpendicular to the line of the water, this beach the rough sea is perfect for water sports.

Praia da Tamargueira

Known for its long sandy beach and the stalls of canvas, this beach is more than perfect for a long boardwalk, and the city on the other side.

Praia da Figueira da Foz

Alto do Viso Beach

Known as Praia da Lightness, its extensive beach is bordered by two rivers, Ribeira da Várzea and a small stream with the sign “Oasis.”

Praia Alto do Viso

Relógio Beach

Being considered as one of the major seaside resorts in the twentieth century, this beach was at the center of attention. Continues to be very popular, this offers many sports grounds and because of their conditions, result surf competitions, sailing and power boating.

Praia do Relogio

Molhe Norte Beach

Also known as the Tesos Beach, this are the line fishermen.

Praia do Molhe Norte

Cabedelo Beach

Near the mouth, this beach has a privileged view of the Figueira da Foz, lying protected by a dune area and vegetation, which are interrupted by wooden walkways.

Praia do Cabedelo

Cova Gala Beach

This beach is divided by pontoons that softened the winds, but the sea is perfect for kite surfing. It is a beach well frequented by families as it is quiet and has good access.

Praia da Cova Gala

Costa de Lavos Beach

Divided by pontoons, home of the winds, this beach has a view of natural surrounds and with good access and infrastructure for the fun.

Praia da Costa de Lavos

Leirosa Beach

With an areal extension and with a dagger that accompanies it, this beach has waves for surfing.

Praia da Leirosa

Cabo Mondego Beach

When the high tide, the beach sand to create a fine language, which is accompanied by rock formations, which during low tide turn into natural pools.

Praia do Cabo Mondego


Barra Beach

One of the most striking points of this beach is its landscape, surrounded by the lighthouse, the beach, the waters have a higher quality and throughout the summer animation.

Praia da Barra

Costa Nova Beach

With a fine sand, along with the wind that haunts her, its rough seas, these offer the best conditions for surfing and windsurfing. very thin and usually windy sand beach. The sea is quite disturbed, which is usual in the northern beaches of the country. Good conditions for surfing and windsurfing. This beach are vibrantly colored houses, with their vertical stripes that offer to its avenue enough color and joy.

Praia da Costa Nova


Pedrógão Beach

Its name comes from escalvadas rocks facing the Atlantic Ocean, and this unique seaside resort in Leiria municipality, recently discovered remains dating back to his occupation at the time of prehistory.

Praia do Pedrogao

Marinha Grande

Vieira Beach

Strolling through the route that lies in the vast area of Pinhal de Leiria, this beach is one of the oldest fishing beaches with their extended networks in the sand and their boats are suspended along the coast.

Praia da Vieira

São Pedro de Moel Beach

Regarded as one of the most picturesque beaches of the Portuguese coastline, this is housed in a shell houses, where its beach offers facilities for water sports because of the rough sea. Along with its route, which follows the coastline, here you can take long walks.

Sao Pedro de Moel

Velha de São Pedro de Moel Beach

Surrounded by pine trees, this beach has become a perfect place to relax, both breathing the fresh air, walking the wooden boardwalks that end or begin in the small mouth of the Ribeira de São Pedro.

Praia Velha de Sao Pedro de Moel


Poço da Cruz Beach

To reach the beach, runs through a path surrounded by natural beauty, trees, a bucolic river that occasionally presents a vessel. Arriving at the beach, this has almost wild, with only basic infrastructure.

Praia Poco da Cruz

Mira Beach

With an extensive white sand where the awnings and colorful stalls enhance the view. In the last decade, the demand for this beach is growing, also with commercial and urban development.

Praia de Mira


Torreira Beach

At the shoreline, which separates the lagoon from the Atlantic Ocean Aveiro, this beach offers a unique beauty, between the seaway perfect for water sports and the calm sea for a quiet bath, then stand on the long sandy beach.

Praia da Torreira


Torrão do Lameiro/Marretas Beach

With an extensive beach with more than three kilometers, this is bathed in a rough sea, surrounded by a pine forest, with a dune system full of underbrush.

Praia do Torrao do Lameiro

Furadouro Beach

In its extensive beach, wooden boardwalks are even enhanced through the vegetation and dune landscape, which are based boats and typical nets of fishermen.

Praia do Furadouro

Cortegaça Beach

Increasingly sought by both swimmers and surfers, since this meets conditions for surfing and bodyboarding, with its beach, the typical boats of fishermen based.

Praia de Cortegaca

Esmoriz Beach

Also known as Praia da Barrinha, this has a long sandy beach that leaves track by wooden footbridges, which leads who travels to the seaside.

Praia de Esmoriz


Areão Beach

For those seeking tranquility and a wild beach, this presents as well, and may also observe their very characteristic flora and fauna, along with the conditions for surfing and bodyboarding, this beach attracts the more adventurous.

Praia do Areao

Vagueira Beach

Joining a normal day at the beach, the beach still has a gear in its extensive beach, which is changed with rocks and wooden boardwalks.

Praia da Vagueira


Osso da Baleia Beach

Every year, this beach gets improvements in support and infrastructure, promoting their search for bathers, but its natural beauty remains intact with vegetation and dunes that surround it, broken by a wooden walkway.

Praia do Osso da Baleia