Heritage Aveiro


Aveiro Museum

In the former Convent of Jesus in Aveiro, which dates back to 1463, is the Museum of Aveiro. In the Church of Jesus is one of the greatest examples of the Portuguese baroque style, in which the choir-down is the tomb of Princess Santa Joana, daughter of D. Afonso V, a royal architect João Antunes work. This museum houses a collection of painting, sculpture, carving, tile, manuscripts, textiles and jewelery from the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. Recently, the museum has undergone rehabilitation works carried out by the architect Alcino Soutinho.

Museu de Aveiro

New Art Museum

This museum is the Casa Major Pessoa, one of the most emblematic houses of the Art Nouveau style in Aveiro, which marked its emergence in the twentieth century in the city.

museu de arte nova

What to see

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Aveiro University

Founded in 1973, was was raised in the context of expansion and renewal of higher education in the country, and soon this university has become a reference due to the high quality of research that promotes and with the body of faculty and infrastructure, this it remains quite popular.

  • Water deposit prepared by Arq. Álvaro Siza Vieira
  • Student Residence designed Arq. Adalberto Dias
  • Department of Physics designed by Arq. Alfredo Matos Ferreira
  • Department of Ceramics and Glass Engineering prepared by Arq. Alcino Soutinho
  • Library designed by Arq. Álvaro Siza Vieira
  • Department of Geosciences designed by Arq. Eduardo Souto de Moura
  • Multisport Pavilion Professor Doutor Aristides Hall designed by Arqs. João Almeida e Victor Carvalho
  • Dean of the Central Building designed pelos Arqs. Gonçalo Byrne e Manuel Aires Mateus
  • Autonomous Section of Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering designed pelos Arqs. Pedro Ramalho e Luís Ramalho
  • Department of Mathematics prepared by Arq. José Prata
  • Scientific and Educational Complex designed by Arq. Victor Figueiredo
  • Cantina designed by Arqs. Manuel e Francisco Aires Mateus
  • Footbridge in Aveiro prepared by Arq. João Luís Carrilho da Graça
Universidade de Aveiro2
Universidade de Aveiro1

Aveiro Congress Centre

Housed in a building of the industrial architecture, focused on ceramics, Aveiro, Jerónimo Pereira Campos Factory. This center opened in 1995 and hosts major events, from national and international conferences, business events, such as meetings and events to encourage, among other playful character as theater and concert pieces.

Centro de Congressos de Aveiro

Live Science Factory

Also known as Life Science Center of Aveiro, this aims to disseminate scientific and technological culture through simulation and experimentation, which places the University of Aveiro as a central pillar in the creation and management of infrastructure. This several schools of different levels of education are captive to experience science and technology, focusing from robotics to chemistry, appealing to its fun.

Fabrica de Ciencia Viva

Aveiro City Museum

Near the headquarters of the Tourism Centre of Portugal, this is a style Art Nouveau building, housing several temporary exhibitions.

Museu da Cidade de Aveiro

Marinha da Troncalhada Ecomuseum

In this eco-museum observes a salt sea, where the old methods of salt production are highlighted and remembered how influenced the Aveiro region. Something that is referenced in the will of the Countess Mumadona days, dating from the year 959.

Ecomuseu Marinha da Troncalhada