Heritage Fátima


Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima cathedral

Located in the place that marked the meeting between the shepherds and Our Lady. This was designed by Dutch architect Gerard Van Kriechen and continued by João Antunes architect. The May 13, 1928, it was blessed the first stone by the Archbishop of Évora, Manuel da Conceição Santos. In 1954, the title of “Basilica” was granted by Pius XII. With 70.5 meters long and 37 meters wide, built entirely with stone of the region and the altars are from Estremoz marble, Pero Pinheiro and Fatima. Its bell tower was designed in the center of this set, rising 65 meters, topped by a bronze crown with seven kilos, made in the foundry Bolhão, Porto, being surmounted by a lighted cross. Already the carillon consists of 62 bells elaborate Fatima by José Gonçalves Coutinho, Braga, and its largest bell consists of three kilos and clapper 90. The clock is a work of Bento Rodrigues, of Braga. On the facade of this are marble angels designed by Albano France. Above the main door is a mosaic that seeks to represent the Holy Trinity crowning Our Lady, made in the workshops of the Vatican and there blessed by the Secretary of State, Cardinal Eugenio Paccelli, the future Pope Pius XII, the “Pope of Fatima”.


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chapel of Aparições

Order of Our Lady, this chapel was celebrated the first Mass in 1921, being dynamited shortly afterwards to complete reconstruction in 1923. In the year 1982, a porch was built, opened at the Pope John Paul II on 12 May that year. In the year Mariano in 1988, this chapel was lined in pine, Russia, due to its durability and light weight. Over the years repair works were carried out, but its original features have been retained.

Capelinha das Aparicoes

Berlin Wall

From the south side of the entrance to the Sanctuary, this monument is composed of a concrete module of the Berlin Wall. This block was an offering of Mr. Virgilio Ferreira Casimiro, Portuguese emigrant in Germany, which honor and gratitude for the intervention of God, promised at Fatima, in the fall of communism.

Muro de Berlim

Nativity Scene

Work performed by sculptor José Aurélio, this is with the building of the Rectory, and was inaugurated on 25 December 1999.


Santíssimo Sacramento Chapel

Present since 1960, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and worshiped at the shrine of Fatima, the Reparation Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows of Fatima. In 2008, Lausperene was transferred to the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament present Basilica of the Holy Trinity. From Easter in 2009, he went again to the Sanctuary of Fatima.

Capela do Santissimo Sacramento

Statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Finding the bell tower, this statue was sculpted by Father Thomas McGlynn, OP, under the direction of Sister Lucia and having been placed on the facade of the niche with more than four meters and 14 tons in 1959. In 1917, after revelations of sister Lucia, who said that Our Lady present to the seers your Immaculate heart, having been carved images of this invocation, the first is by the sculptor José Thedim, is the Carmel of Coimbra.

Estatua do Imaculado Coracao de Maria

Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

In the center of the Prayer Area, facing the Chapel of Apparitions, this image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in bronze, has no author, having been offered by pilgrims and blessed solemnly by the Apostolic Nuncio, Msgr. Beda Cardinale on 13 May 1932. The image recalls the message of Fatima, who spoke at the Heart of Jesus, in the apparitions of the Angel of Our Lady, which reflects God’s love.

monumento ao sagrado coracao de jesus

Retreat House of Nossa Senhora das Dores

In the Sanctuary of Prayer Area there are two built the Retreat House of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Retreat House of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, where they were held during the year several religious nature activities and pastoral. The House of Our Lady of Sorrows was started in 1926, behind the Chapel of the Apparitions. Currently, the Dean works in this place, having been blessed by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon, D. António Ribeiro, on May 13, 1986, along with an exhibition of “Fatima Light and Peace” presented since 2002. In the lobby of this encontra- A Our Lady of the sculptor Teixeira Lopes.

Casa de Retiros de Nossa Senhora das Dores

Pastoral Centre Paul VI

José Alves Correia da Silva Avenue, this whose name is an homage to the Pope who has become a pilgrim to Fatima on May 13, 1967. This built was built to meet the pastoral needs of the Church for holding meetings, conferences, meetings, concerts, and other activities, religious, cultural and scientific nature. Its first stone was blessed by Cardinal Franjo Seper, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This center was designed by architect J. Carlos Loureiro, Porto, consisting of a chapel, an amphitheater with capacity for over two thousand people, hall of the Good Shepherd, divided for houses 600 people, three rooms for 80 people and five rooms for 40 people.

Centro Pastoral de Paulo VI