Thematic routes in Portugal

In order to explore a topic in depth were developed several routes, which are all over the Portugal. For those looking to learn more about a date, a time, an interest, a location or even the development of a regional product, the routes undertake to explain and disseminate the best of these issues and offer a unique experience and an unforgettable adventure.

rotas tematicas

Biological Park of Lousã

Nearby Miranda village, just over 25 kilometers from Coimbra, 20 kilometers from Conimbriga, 14 kilometers from Penela and a few 8 kilometers from Lousã, Quinta da Paiva is divided into two areas, first is a leisure park, with outdoor swimming pool, playing fields, running track, picnic area and a playground; the other area is the Biological Park of Lousã. This includes a wildlife park, Game Farm, Fruit Trees Maze, Rose Garden and Museum of Cooperage, which stimulate the ride for this, a route to know better together there are always activities for families, schools, birthday parties and groups, both in the restaurant Museum Chanfana as the Living Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts, which offers a range of pottery workshops, wicker and weaving.

Parque Biologico da Serra da Lousa
Parque Biologico da Serra da Lousa2

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Route of the Old Jewish Quarters

The Museum and Belmonte Synagogue, are the remains of the last Criptojudaica community Iberian Peninsula, covering Belmonte, Celorico da Beira, Covilhã, Fundão, Gouveia, Guarda, Beira Linhares, Butters, Penamacor, Pinhel and Trancoso, guarding its architectural heritage, commercial and textile activities, fruits of the reflection of this community, so we created a route that honors the history of Portugal in the Jewish cultural aspect, from the Age of Discovery to day.

Rota das Antigas Judiarias1
Rota das Antigas Judiarias2

Wool Route

Working with the wool comes from a primordial time, from your knowledge and what it was, the wool was the best companion of many civilizations, especially the people who chose the Serra da Estrela as their home. So this saw features a unique archaeological industrial heritage, and Covilhã is comiserada as one of the three main cities of Europe wool.

The evolution of domestic and craft work of the benefits of wool is an element that enchants and promoted the Wool Route covering Covilha (Tortosendo and Unhais da Serra), Gouveia, Guarda (Maçainhas, Media and Thirty), Butters, Penamacor, Pinhel and Seia (Alvôco da Serra, Loriga and S. Romao), centers of the tradition of wool, which has its history in the epic line of product development and wool.

Rota da la1
Rota da la2

Route of the Castles and Historic Villages

A strongly desired land, Portugal was at the center of the world several times, each village, each town arranges way to defend, in the best way, its territory, were created fortresses, castles, an entire military heritage that seeks to protect its territory. Focusing on the Serra da Estrela region, in the border areas are several landmarks of history that are reflected in the construction of a defensive line. Since mode is displayed a range of castles and fortresses that are worth a visit, as Alfaiates (Sabugal), Belmonte, Castelo Bom (Almeida), Castelo Mendo (Almeida), Castelo Novo (Fundão), Castelo Rodrigo (Figueira Castelo Rodrigo), Casteição (Mêda), Celorico da Beira, Forlaleza de Almeida, Guarda, Linhares da Beira (Celorico da Beira), Longroiva (Mêda), Marialva (Mêda), Pinhel, Ranhados (Mêda), Sabugal, Sortelha (Sabugal) and Trancoso.

Rota dos Castelos e Aldeias Historicas2

Route Glaciers Valleys

The only in Portugal, the glacial valleys of the Serra da Estrela are currently the testimony of a natural and slow process of all geomorphological surrounding the mountain, which is reflected in the melting or freezing, creating ice languages that start at higher altitudes up the simple valley lower, molding them to the line who are here. Thus, in icy adventure, the bravest are invited to take this route to allow full knowledge of the origin of the glacier from the mountain to the summit which will describe the landscape as it goes down. Thus, the valleys of the Zêzere are highlighted in Alforfa of Loriga, and the Covão Covão Grande e do Urso, which feature five tracks that ice was shaping.

Rota dos Vales Glaciares1-2
Rota dos Vales Glaciares2

Route 4 rivers and lagoons

Following the river, which seeks to empty into the Atlantic Ocean, the Natural Park of Serra da Estrela spring from the major rivers of Portugal, namely the Mondego and the Zêzere and the Alva. Near the Sierra Nature Reserve Malcata, the river Coa shapes the landscapes as it crosses the Beira plateau, specifically Almeida, Pinhel and Figueira Castelo Rodrigo, and which houses on its banks the spectacular set of petroglyphs, Coa Valley. But without fail to mention, this park is a set of ponds, welcoming about 25 ponds that reflect its purity as the mirror reflects an image. It is advised to exploitation of this natural heritage during the warmer seasons.

Rota dos 4 rios e das lagoas1
Rota dos 4 rios e das lagoas2