Multifaceted, the city of Santarém has thousands of readings from the temples of the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, offering the name “Capital of the Gothic” Portuguese, through the Portas do Sol of the Garden with the Interpretation Centre “Urbi Scallabis” which features an interpretation of escalabitana cultural landscape over the centuries, the historical moments and times.

This result several activities aimed at interconnection with nature and the landscape, the south stands out the Tagus River and Wetland fields with vineyards aligned in a perfect geometry; the north, the neighborhood, the olive groves fill the natural landscape.


Continuing, there are massive limestones of the Natural Park of Serra d’Aire and Lamps, with its caves and crannies ready to be explored.

Focusing on the Ribatejo trilogy, horse, bull and campino are the point of great attraction of Santarém, with the knowledge and ancestral flavors that unite the land and the river, which culminates in Santarém personality.


What to visit

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