Serra da Estrela

No doubt that the Serra da Estrela offers a landscape to cut much more breathing, so you must go with your eyes, slowly, slowly. Here time gains a different way, with its paths and amazing cliffs, here in this great mountain range, the magic is reborn, as we feel tiny in relation to its glacier, icy white and grandeur.

Serra da Estrela1

Exploring better this mountain, down the mountain, calmly arise villages and very typical and mountainous villages in each grove, each river and stream, as Seia, Butters, Elderberry, but the real beauty is in Long pond, in Penhas Health.

Serra da Estrela2

What explore

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For those who seek the snow, nothing better than climbing up the tower and begin to play and fun. Walking through its glacial valleys that were once designed by nature for more than twenty thousand years, covering up of white snow, green scrub or accumulate leaves nuts in their crags, lakes, plains, slopes and valleys – the landscape is changing , following in the footsteps of mother nature.

True explore this mountain, its secrets unraveled not in walking, meditating in silence, a radical adventure.

Serra da Estrela3

But beyond a simple mountain range, Serra da Estrela is a region, which hosts the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, subdivided into six municipalities, a distance of more than one hundred thousand hectares. Starting with this information present in the Interpretation Centre of Serra da Estrela, which brings together the technology along with the knowledge, they provide the best for the visitor.

Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela2

It is advised first visit, stroll through the historic villages, following the borderer Jewish quarters, knowing castles of the border, going to the Beira Celorico, to meet the epic Queijo da Serra, following this for a tasting with sausages and honey.

Queijo da Serra
Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela1

But the best advice is given this saw is: Unhurried, explore the charms, places, colors and flavors that it offers.