Serra de Penha Garcia

Serra de Penha Garcia1

In Beira Baixa, in Idanha-a-Nova, the Serra de Penha Garcia is characterized by great biodiversity of habitats, with different areas, flat, open, Mediterranean scrub, cork oaks, pine forests or areas rich in outcrops quartzíferos of south to north, from west to east, this saw features with many faces and personalities that require to be exploited to the smallest detail.

Serra de Penha Garcia2

Its orientation strongly influences the areas of heat stroke, and the part of the south is more exposed to the sun than the area to the north, which gives a large and diverse habitats that are home to species of robins-breasted, red, however, regardless of the zone that is if there is something amazing that can come to more carefree eyes or the most attentive eyes.

Serra de Penha Garcia3

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