Serra do Caramulo

Serra do Caramulo1

Granitic origin and schist, this saw has the heathers and coots that dominate, leaving people, villages and granaries are built with what the earth offers, typical of the mountain granite. It is known that the Serra do Caramulo was inhabited this the Roman Empire due to traces found along the mountain range, as the stone railing that crosses it.

Serra do Caramulo2

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Up until the Caramulinho with its 1076.57 meters above sea level, you can see well in the distance the Atlantic Ocean and the Serra da Estrela, but when the rise, the overall landscape enchants and cuts the breath fresh air and a hypnotic view, with green trees that contrast with the crystal clear water of the brooks that venture everywhere.

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So your landscape becomes a natural monument that requires its exploitation by corners and hiding places, making it a place full of surprises and unique moments.

It is advisable to carry out walking routes such as the route Caramulinho – Caleiro, with 8.2 kilometers, lasting 4 hours of pure exploration of this secret location, charming, unifying dream, with its peaks and valleys, green and blue, which complete a landscape of cuts breathing.

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