What to do in Sintra

To learn more Sintra, nothing like starting in the center of old Sintra, especially the Republic Square, between small streets consist of shops, bars and restaurants, each shows its own charm.

Following the National Palace of Sintra attracts attention, a quiet oasis and offering the best views of Sintra.

Palacio Nacional de Sintra

Continuing on the appreciation of the beautiful architecture of Sintra, is the National Palace of Pena, in a romantic style and presents on a hill five hundred meters high, it offers a mirage mountain and mysticism of the mountain.

Palacio Nacional da Pena

What to do in

Looking the Moorish Castle, a building of the eighth century, the Arab period, it presents a privileged position that allowed him to have a view of enemy troops approaching.

Castelo dos Mouros

At a distance of twelve kilometers, in Queluz, is the National Palace of Queluz, when compared to Versailles, this looks and bearing the image of the Age of Discovery, with its Brazilian gold.

Palacio Nacional de Queluz

Returning to the magic of Sintra, the Monserrate Palace breathtaking with its neo-Moorish blend of style, gothic and English, surrounded by beautiful gardens and moments of pure relaxation.

Palacio de Monserrate

Ending with the relic considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Palace and Quinta da Regaleira it is surrounded by exotic gardens, magic and luxury, using the symbolism of alchemy, Freemasonry and to the Order of Knights Templar.

Palacio e Quinta da Regaleira