Beaches on the coast of Lisbon

Lisbon could not miss a fundamental aspect that is the beaches, therefore presents a variety of small paradises from Sintra, Cascais and Setúbal.

Sintra shoreline

The beauty of Sintra is reflected in its beaches that cut the breath and involve us in romanticisms already lived in Sintra, ending a unique experience.

Cascais shoreline

Starting from Cascais, passing Estoril, Oeiras, Paços de Arcos to Lisbon, you can live a dream by the sea coast, the beaches of Lisbon are a paradise.

Beaches on the coast of Lisbon

Ericeira shoreline

Guaranteeing the global reserve name of Surf, Ericeira presents its beautiful beaches and favorite for surfers. A coastline that goes to Cascais, passing through Mafra, these beaches are a beautiful gift.

Setúbal shoreline

From Costa da Caparica to Arrábida, the coastline presents a unique beauty spread by more citadinas or more natural and wild beaches.