Beaches of Ericeira shoreline

As a first Surfing Reserve in Europe, and second in the world, Ericeira, present in the municipality of Mafra, presents its natural features and more than perfect for surfing. A coastline that stretches from the beach Empa to the beach of San Lorenzo, a four kilometer line, seven waves are: Pedra Branca, Reef, Ribeira d’Ilhas, Cave, Crazy Left, Coxos e São Lourenço.

Empa beach

Also known as Pedra Branca, this is frequented mainly by surfing and campers practitioners, and a beach where the sea is very rough and should be avoided by those who are not comfortable with your swimming.

1Praia da Empa

Orelheira beach

Between cliffs, this quiet beach, located between the beach of Pedra Branca and Praia do Forte de Mil Regos.

2Praia da Orelheira

Beaches on the coast of Lisbon

Ribeira D’Ilhas beach

Considered one of the best beaches for surfing in Europe, and even the “Mecca” of the European Surf even elapsing several championships. This is visited by surfers, from beginners to professionals, from Portuguese to foreigners, performing with good access and is monitored during the summer.

3Praia de Ribeira DIlhas

Algodio beach or Norte beach

This is very popular with residents of Ericeira, due to its “natural jagoz”. Being watched during the summer, with this conditions for surfing, is also very popular.

4Praia do Algodio

Ali Babá beach

There is said that a few years ago, a ship docked at this beach, where his master would call Ali Baba, hiding a treasure of gold which then will have been melted, offering the golden color of the sand.

5Praia do Ali Baba

Forte de Mil Regos beach

Accompanied by Milreu Fort overseeing the cliffs, this presents a unique and preserved beauty, perfect for those seeking peace. A beach without infrastructure support and is not supervised.

6Praia do Forte de Mil Regos

Matadouro beach

It is in front of the Camping Park of Ericeira, this is a quiet beach, which because of its slab creates a natural pool at low tide. With high erosion of the cliffs, this beach becomes less secure, although it is also visited by surfers.

7Praia do Matadouro

Sul beach and Baleia beach

Since the nineteenth century, this beach stemmed the baths of the most notable visitors from Ericeira. A beach with the largest beach of Ericeira, being watched during the summer, the cliffs are protected by a network due to the heavy erosion of the shoreline.

9Praia do Sul e Praia da Baleia

Pescadores beach

Known as Ribeira beach and Peixe beach, this is quite popular in the summer, since its pontoon allows the creation of a bay with calm sea, along with reinforced cliffs, which is called “Wall of Ribas”. During the summer is a guarded beach, and contains supporting infrastructure and equipment for people with special needs.

10Praia dos Pescadores

São Sebastião beach

Its name comes from the chapel that is in wide along the beach. A beach with a unique beauty and is accessed by a steep stairs. This beach is very popular and loved by surfers.

11Praia Sao Sebastiao