Beaches in Sintra shoreline

Involved in mysticism, Sintra has a variety of beaches that take rejoice whom the visit, both for its beauty and the magic that extol.

Adraga beach

Walking among mountains, this beach can be reached after passing Colares, a blue mass bathes the beaches of Adraga. This beach comes down to its unique beauty that is reflected in the contrast between beach and mountain, in the blue, gold and green. Here is a rustic restaurant that offers the best of hospitality to those attending the beach.

1Praia da Adraga

Aguda beach

With a small beach, this is quite popular for its quiet. Going down a staircase from the car park, this beach presents beautiful and perfect for those moments of pure relaxation.

2Praia da Aguda

Beaches on the coast of Lisbon

Azenhas do Mar beach

A picturesque valley creates a shadow on this beach, facing the Atlantic Ocean, a mixture between the sandy Douro and the green mountain, one of the highly prized beaches and pools dug into the rock that capture attention of the curious.

3Praia das Azenhas do Mar

Grande beach

A long sandy beach, where the water is so choppy and calm, this beach is frequented by young people seeking water sports such as surfing and bodyboarding, and this beach always follows a test of the World Surf / Bodyboard Championship. Another aspect of the reference are the fossils of dinosaur footprints are the rocks that surround this beach.

4Praia Grande

Pequena beach

Next pf Grande beac, this is protected from northern winds, and much sought after by swimmers and anglers, or even for those who like to do sports like surfing and bodyboarding. This beach is accompanied by a pedestrian circulation ride, which has three areas of stay and contemplation.

Praia Pequena

Maçãs beach

This beach is favorite for moments and romantic experiences, reflecting the nature of Sintra, it is recommended to take the power in the town of Sintra, which leads to this beach, strolling through the bucolic scenery of the Serra da Sintra. This beach has the perfect combination of the clear waters, golden sand and typical restaurants.

5Praia das Macas

Magoito beach

This beach boils down to a small resort situated on the seafront, at the entrance of Magoito river. Here you can find a variety of cafes and restaurants.

6Praia do Magoito

Vigia beach

South of São Julião, Assafora, this beach has a difficult access, which is haunted by high cliffs. A distance of two kilometers, this beach is unsupervised favorite for those looking for a naturist beach.

Praia da Vigia

São Julião beach

North of Sintra, the river Falcon divides this beach in two counties of Sintra and Mafra. A distance of two kilometers covering Sintra, this white sand joins the blue sea and invite for a day of beach, both for swimmers and for those looking for surfing and bodyboarding or even to practice sport fishing.

7Praia de Sao Juliao

Ursa beach

A small beach that captured attention of many, who consider it as one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, as it is clean and naturally beautiful, this is quite popular for those who enjoy the practice of nudism.

8Praia da Ursa