An enchanted place, Setubal always captivated attention of several civilizations, when the conquest by the Moors, this village has gained a new importance and shortly after its reconquest, the Santiago Order maintained its growth and national relevance. Quickly, Setúbal developed through the pottery and fishing industries and in the mid-eighteenth century, has a new vocation, the vocation of Manuel Maria Barbosa do Bocage, born and raised here, the poet invoked the national poetry. But not forgetting to another figure that demarcated the national opera Luisa Todi, is remembered since the eighteenth century.

Near and far from the capital, Setubal presents a scenario breathtaking, which is surrounded by beautiful Arrábida, vineyards and Sado estuary, offering you a unique fauna and flora, is a perfect destination to explore. In the riverside area are hundreds of colorful boats, contrasting with the bronze skin of fishermen.

In the plain side, Azeitão is highlighted. A region that was the wealthy aristocratic families, who built important buildings and monuments to the legacy of the region including farms in that fine wines are produced. Going back to the sea, the Bay of Setúbal is known as one of the most beautiful the world level, its marina launches invitation to live great moments of leisure and fun.

Therefore, it can be said that Setubal comes down to a multitude of monuments and experiences between the city, the mountains, the Sado estuary, coastline, historical monuments and gastronomic pleasures.

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