Nature in Porto Santo

First island to be found, Porto Santo dazzles with its natural heritage, a geological relic that brightens the eyes of curious about the true nature.


Portela Viewpoint – about 1.6 kilometers from Vila Baleira, this leaves be accompanied by an avenue of palm trees and a windmill, offering a view to the west, to the beach of Porto Santo and in the east, to the conical shape of the Lower Peak and the Ilhéu de Cima. Along the way to this viewpoint, it is suggested to visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, built in 1851.


Pico Castelo – on top of this ridge, was erected a small fortress in the sixteenth century to defend against the frequent attacks by French and Algerian pirates. Currently, it provides an overview of Porto Santo.


Pico do Facho – this is the highest peak of the island, where here were lit flares to warn the population of approaching enemy ships. For those seeking adventure, we recommend exploring the Serra de Fora and the wide valley of Serra de Dentro. From this you can see unique landscapes, small enchanted bays and the sea levadiço North Zone.

Pico Ana Ferreira

Pico Ana Ferreira – this is the viewpoint of the quarry, which offers a view of the Fora Islet and the peaks of Facho and Castle. The quarry consists of prismatic columns, irregularly shaped, being known as the “Piano”.

Nature in Madeira

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Source of Sand – in ancient times, this natural source supplied water quietly for Porto Santo, this was widely used for medicinal purposes and was considered a sacred by the inhabitants. Currently, this already has water, but the wind leaves its mark on the rocks.

Fonte da Areia

Ponta da Calheta – a way to this, you can enjoy and truly appreciate Porto Santo, along the coast, listening to the sea to struggle with high cliffs.

Ponta da Calheta

“Laranjas” – the Ilhéu de Cima, there is a concentration of limestone irregular spherical shape, with the outside of golden color and interior, white, this received Oranges denomination.


Zimbralinho – your eye can see a pebble beach, where one finds a fountain and down, takes advantage of a space flooded with blue turquoise waters that lie there.


Morenos – located between Ana Ferreira Peak and Zimbralinho becomes a perfect picnic area.


Tip Canaveira – situated on the rocky coast of the western tip of Porto Santo, this faces the islet Iron.

Ponta da Canaveira

Porto dos Frades – is north of the island of Porto Santo, this is a quiet location with a deserted beach lapped by crystal clear waters, following by a jagged landscape by the sea and wind erosion. This is also the former factory of lime, like your oven, and salt old.

Porto dos Frades

Viewpoint of Bumps – offers a panoramic view over the bay and beach of Porto Santo, this is overlooking the village of Porto Santo, which leaves accompanied by a great tourist value Mill.


Flores belvedere – with a view of Porto Santo and its beach, this also offers a view on clear days to the Iron islanders, Cal and Cima.