Ponta do Sol

On the south coast of the island of Madeira, Ponta do Sol is currently the county seat is composed of the parishes of Ponta de Sol, Canhas and Madalena do Mar. The Sun tip of the county is considered the hottest of the island of Madeira and is the location where the sun shines for a greater number of hours. The economic activity is based on the primary sector such as agriculture, especially the production of sugarcane and banana; horticulture and floriculture; still stands the traditional trade and an export plant company. This county is the Paul da Serra, the only plateau on the island of Madeira, with about 1500 meters, containing nuclei of indigenous vegetation, animal species and migratory birds and are still present wind turbines for the production of electricity, non-polluting way.

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The name of the Ponta de Sol came from the presence of an edge of rock facing the sea and reflects the sun’s rays. In recent years, the village of Ponta do Sol has to develop, having been erected hotel units of high quality, which has a strong focus on this tour.

Canhas earned its name in honor of one of the first settlers, João de Canha, which was squire of D. Diogo, Duke of Viseu. Seated in agriculture, the economic activities of Canhas also relies on some industries such as bricks, cement and wood sawing. However, it is worth noting also that Canhas is like a gateway to Paul da Serra, a water site that feeds streams and causes water flows for irrigation of the fields.

Known for the characteristic fishing district, Madalena do Mar also parish is named due to making populated that had a chapel dedicated to St. Magdalene. The sugar cane has long been cultivated at large scale, necessitating the construction of a device for the manufacture of sugar and consequently this location has become a major center of production of sugar. Currently, these plots are intended for the production of banana, and then exported. In this village, is the site of Moledos, which has the kind of Ensaião (Airchryson dumosum), existing only in this area, along with other species, especially birds. Even from this location, it is possible to see the entire landscape of the village of Madalena do Mar, your church, its typical houses, vegetation and sea.

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