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The north of the island of Madeira, the municipality of Porto Moniz is composed of three parishes: Achadas da Cruz, Ribeira da Janela and Seixal. This municipality was connected to the rest of the island after World War II, when the construction of the road linking Porto Moniz to São Vicente municipality, this was excavated on the slope, and crossed by waterfalls that flow to the sea. This road is one of the most beautiful roads in Madeira. However, for security reasons, tunnels were built due to falling rocks, but it is still possible to go through the most emblematic places of this road.

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The name of Porto Moniz is due to Francisco Moniz, married to the granddaughter of Gonçalves Zarco, who later dubbed to the port, extending to the nearest land. The ex-libris of Porto Moniz county are its natural swimming pools, a beach complex formed from volcanic rocks along the shoreline, offering fresh and clear waters, a major attraction.

In the northwest end of the island of Madeira, the settlement of Achadas da Cruz was a very slow process, since it is at a high altitude. Every year takes place the Fair Livestock, attracting many people to a room with exhibits on products and materials related to agriculture and are also developed cultural and recreational activities. For those visiting this town, you can take a trip by cable car from Achadas da Cruz, a means of comfortable and safe transportation, offering magnificent views of the green of Porto Moniz, the towering back and on the ocean mass.

The name of the Ribeira da stemmed window of a small island which is 100 meters from the mouth of the river and has a small opening like an open window. Your town, land and housing are shown care and traditional, rising in a calm environment and quiet. In this parish highlight the Tranquada belvedere that offers a view of the north of the island of Madeira and the mouth of Ribeira da Janela offering a campsite with excellent facilities and services.

The Seixal was established in year 1553 and it is thought that its name came from pebble, which in itself means rock or stone or pebble then designating a kind of vegetable. An area that captivates who passes by, their natural resources, such as its natural pools, a bathing area formed by black volcanic stone with a view of the mountains and surrounding greenery. The Bride’s Veil Gazebo is the oldest road that links the Seixal São Vicente, and this you can see a waterfall that pours a strong stream of water down the slope that makes remember the veil of a bride. Also noteworthy is the Chão da Ribeira, a valley surrounded by a rich vegetation, belonging to the Laurissilva Forest, which is classified as World Heritage UNESCO World Natural.

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