Beach in Santana

Santana has two bathing complex to respond to all the needs and wants of its people and visitors, and these enjoy a good day in the sun by the sea, where only allow the fun, relax and have a drink.

The bathing complex of Foz da Ribeira do Faial offers a natural pool, accompanied by various leisure facilities such as a multi-sports pavilion, a children’s saltwater pool and a playground, the most highlights the playground with floor sand receives international football championships, handball and beach volleyball and supporting infrastructure such as eating area, changing rooms, first aid and a wide solarium. Close to this complex is a karting track for those who like motorsport.

Already, the Bathing Complex of St. George Calhau at the mouth of the river of St. George, brings together a small pond of fresh water and a bathing complex with three pools. The beach that welcomes the lagoon is bathed by the sea, a favorite for surfers and boogie practitioners.

Beach in Madeira

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