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A county to live, to walk, to feel, to see, to learn, to grow, to undertake. Alcobaça stands out for its cultural, architectural and natural heritage. From the relics of the Cistercian Order, the beaches, the lakes, the caves, wineries, pine forests, natural parks and many other offers. The strategic integration of the 18 parishes in the county promotion program brings to the region a cultural dynamic and unique tourist tends to be increasingly recognized in the national and international scene. Alcobaça stands out for its geological diversity, geographic and hunting resources, differentiating the level of the settlement strategy, since human antiquity, archaeological evidence testify, from the Paleolithic period to the Middle Ages. By offering excellent conditions, most human communities sought to settle. – Which is not surprising the fact that the Alcobaça region was crossed by several routes, launched at the time of the Roman conquest in the medieval period, the county was marked by the presence of the Cistercian Order, after the reconquest of Alfonso Muslims in 1148, giving these lands to the Order, in 1153 – the year of construction of the Monastery Santa Maria de Alcobaça – constituting, in this way, “Coutos Alcobaça” growing successively by donations of regal and faithful. Around the monastery, the Alcobaça territory benefited, developing farms and estates and achievements of the rocky hills, introducing the scheme of olive – allowing the development of industrial sectors, using the hydraulic power. A territory of pure development and use, a territory that still today is known for Coutos name Alcobaça, always being west of the Serra dos Candeeiros.

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