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The Bombarral municipality is part of a fertile region with a strong element for agriculture, something achieved by the work of the monks of Alcobaça, pear, settlers and their own nature. This comes with a vocation for rural tourism and especially the Wine Tourism and presence on the Route of Vine and Wine in the West Region.

Being composed of five parish, Bombarral, Carvalhal, powder, Roliça and Vale do Covo, this county has about 91.7 km 2 , limited geographically to the north of the county of Obidos, this by Caldas municipality Queen, southeast and south by the municipality of Torres Vedras and Cadaval and southwest Lourinhã by the municipality.

Situated 75 km from Lisbon, on the southern edge of the Leiria district and the center of the West Tourism Region, the county of Bombarral comes in a geographically privileged position.

Regarding its history, the birth of Bombarral municipality remote much more the day June 29, 1914 (official date of birth), as traces obtained in the New Cave, Lapa of Shuham and the Castro Columbeira who claim attachment human since the dawn of prehistory.

During the formation of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques donated his land to Cistercian monks in 1153. The place where, spent the night passed and several kings of Portugal, as John I of Portugal, before the battle of Aljubarrota, accompanies by his Mantieiro chief, Luis Henriques, sleeping in the house of the warren, which is now the Town Hall.

The August 17, 1808, Bombarral was the main stage in the struggle for independence, known as the Battle of Roliça, in which the Anglo-Portuguese army, commanded by General Wellesley, the future Duke of Wellington, was acclaimed winner.

Thus, it is impossible to dissociate Bombarral to fight for independence and freedom of our nation.

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