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In order to commemorate the Battle of Roliça were developed courses aimed at the explanation and demonstration of the moments experienced during the first French invasion of Portugal, on August 17, 1808, in the Peninsular War, fought between the years 1807 and 1814. in this battle, the Portuguese army along with British forces, the command of Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Wellesley, faced the French forces, commanded by General Henri-François Delaborde Division. A historic confrontation that pushed back the French army, however, fulfilled their mission to delay the British forces.

Currently, this battlefield is in the parish of Roliça. This battle was the first confrontation between the British forces and the French, who occupied the row heights on Columbeira.

The footpaths of Roliça Battle comprise two circuits.

Long road – LG Maria I to Roliça

  • Distance 11.5 km
  • Duration 3 hours

Short Way – LG France Heroes to Columbeira

  • Distance 6.9 km
  • Duration 2 hours

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