Leisure in Peniche

The pedestrian paths running in Peniche municipality mainly aimed at promotion of heritage and the county itself.
In this sense, on Thursdays are held courses in Historic cores of Peniche de Cima Peniche and Low, departing from the Tourist Office.
Historic Center of Peniche de Cima – This route starts at 10.30 and through the following properties: the Church of Our Lady of Help, the Baluarte de San Vicente and Gamboa, the Fort of Our Lady of Light, Ship Sinking Site San Pedro de Alcantara and its Funerary Deposito, the batteries of Papoa and the entrenchment of St. Michael the Peniche Water deposit up, the Bairro dos Pescadores, and finally the Chapel of Our Lord of Calvary.
  • Distance – 6 km

Historic Center of Peniche Baixo – This route begins at 14:30, through the following: Misericordia Church, Clock Tower, Church of St. Peter, Fortress, Old College, of Fort Cabanas, concluding with a visit to Bobbin Lace School of the Municipality of Peniche.

Trail Peninsula Peniche in Tourist Train – At 11:40, 14:20 and 15:10, every day in July and August, the confirmation is necessary in the remaining months it runs on Wednesdays, and its crossing points: the walls of the Citadel, the Church of Our Lady of Help, Peniche Water Deposito de Cima, the Convent of Bom Jesus, the Chapel of Our Lady of Abalo, the stone walls Solta, the Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies, the Lighthouse Cape Carvoeiro, the Grotto of Furninha, the Town of Leonor, the hermitage of Santa Cruz, the Fortress and the Fort of Cabanas
  • Match – Municipal Garden Peniche
  • Duration – 45 minutes
In order to appreciate the historical and religious heritage and promote cultural tourism, we developed the Route of the Council of Churches, which includes 11 temples of Peniche municipality. Route of Peniche County Churches – 11 properties are available to visit, allowing know their stories. In the city of Peniche, are the churches of Our Lady of Help, St. Peter (closed due to conservation and restoration work), the Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies and the Church of Mercy of Peniche. In Whale Atouguia village are the Church of S. Leonardo, of Our Lady of the Conception of Mercy and St. Joseph, the Church of Our Lady of Consolation. The Serra d’El Rei part of the Church of St. Sebastian. And in Baleal peninsula, is the Chapel of St. Stephen.
Rail Berlenga –located 5.7 miles from Peniche, the Berlenga is composed of three groups of islets, Berlenga Grande, steles and Farilhões-Forcadas. It is in Berlenga Grande which is held this trail. On 3 September 1981, he was assigned to the archipelago nature reserve status, due to the conditions that provide unique characteristics of the fauna, flora and all the geomorphological processes, as its caves or even the rosy granite. Upon arrival to the Berlenga Grande, rises up the well-defined path, reaching the top, is the lighthouse, built in 1841, to save both the island as one approaches it. Further on, is the Fort of St. John the Baptist, which appears above the Atlantic, with its heptagonal, the order of its construction was given by D. João IV, in 1651, after battles and attacks, strong It is recovered, but closed for visits. On this trail, it reaches the fishermen’s neighborhood. Along the Berlenga Grande there is the splendor of the fauna and flora.

Leisure in the West

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