Nature of Caldas da Rainha

A great attraction, the D. Carlos I Park it was designed and conceived by Rodrigo Berquó. This comes in replacement of the Cup ride in passing the water after the hospital treatment. The park is the real green lung of the city, and you can find seventy species of flora and diverse birdlife. Besides its architectural and landscape significance, this is one of the most visited cultural sites, because it is the Museu José Malhoa, the Populus coffee, the House of Boats and activity related to culture, sport and the Fair of Antiquities.

Along with this, we find the Forest Queen Dona LeonorAn environmental area where significant groundwater resources, the value of which had to be protected, and its construction ended in the late nineteenth century. Involved in the hospital complex, the construction of this forest plots corresponded to a structure and balconies, arranged by leafy boulevards, sharing a number of species of flora and avifauna. His visit is essential for all those who appreciate nature and the harmony between the city and this.

The Beach Foz do Arelho along with Obidos Lagoon complete the county of Caldas da Rainha, due to be value and scenic beauty. This constitutes a fragile ecosystem, composed of several species of aquatic and migratory birds and bivalve molluscs, are part of a privileged habitat. The lagoon extended to the foot of the town of Obidos, until the late Middle Ages, but the development of the coastal line, there was a limitation of its perimeter. The Óbidos Lagoon it is an area of large production capacity and development of economic, social and environmental wealth.

Nature in the West

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