Nature of Peniche

Peniche is positioned as Capital Wave due to exceptional conditions that its beaches offer for water sports such as surfing, bodyboarding or even diving. One of the internationally recognized beaches is the beach of Supertubos, a stage for major international events of water sports. This is considered an ex-libris for surfers in the world.

The limestone cliffs bordering all Peniche Peninsula have a continuous history, with more than 20 million years of geological evolution of the lower Jurassic and the time when dinosaurs populated continental areas, and the Iberian Peninsula was very close to the northern portion of the American continent. The variability of limestone succession and the conditions of the outcrops are a base for exploration of geological and archaeological heritage.

Concerninghte Berlengas archipelago this situated 16 kilometers from Peniche, this granite block is divided into two parts, the Berlenga Grande (two-thirds of the archipelago) and the Old Island, which is separated largely due to sea erosion, along with Estelas and Fardilhões-Forcadas. The Great Berlenga is the only part of the archipelago in which one can live. This is a submarine valley with four thousand meters deep and a strong polygonal, a zone of camping, the beach of Carreiro do Mosteiro, 40 meters long. With all the features of flora and fauna, landscape and natural, this archipelago was named as Berlenga Nature Reserve in 1981.

Nature in the West

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