Nature of Cadaval

At the southern end of the county Cadaval, is the Serra de Montejunto. Being a result of the mountainous alignment of the limestone massif of Extremadura, Sierra Montejunto presents a landscape contrast – the north is surrounded by blue sea, Berlengas and the site of Nazaré, the south comes the gray ridges of the Serra de Sintra and this is the green of the Tagus Lezírias.

Not forgetting to visit the caves, such as Cave Fórnea, Cave Furadouro Forte Rocha and Cave Hail Queen and the grottos and the rich archaeological heritage, which show traces the history of the evolution of the geological aspects and biological Earth and human passage through it. You can still find architectural heritage, such as the Chapel of Our Lady of the Snows, built in the century. XIII and the Royal Ice Factory, consisting of a reservoir and a well that supplied water intended for its freezing, and then provided to the court and downtown Lisbon.

This land is a well-protected Wildlife Recovery Centre created by Quercus, which aims to restore and preserve the specimens of this mountain, which have suffered from climate change, fires and poaching, as example of birds of prey, even protected by law, continue to be the target of hunters. Thus, CRAS has an infirmary, eleven cells for veterinary care, three rooms for recovery and three flight tunnels. Thus, the CRAS develops technical courses, meetings and Environmental Education character actions, together with the local people, who feel they must take another step for conversation, preservation and protection of the entire heritage of the Sierra de Montejunto.

Nature in the West

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