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Municipality of Obidos consists of nine parishes: A-dos-Negros, Amoreira, Olho Marinho, Santa Maria, São Pedro, Sobral da Lagoa, Vau, Gaeiras and Usseira. Obidos is the seat of a municipality limited to northeast east by Caldas da Rainha, the south by Bombarral, southwest by Lourinhã, Peniche and west by northwest across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Obidos name comes from the Latin oppidum, meaning citadel or city, it was invaded by the Moors in November 1147, and in 1148 was reconquered by King Afonso Henriques, supported by Gonçalo Mendes da Maia. A monument that represents the presence of Obidos in defensive pentagon from the center of the kingdom, is the Cruise memory, designed by the Templars. In 1195, Obidos received its first charter to 1195, during the reign of Sancho I.

The town of Obidos was considered a dowry for several queens, as a wedding gift of offering Dinis for his wife, Isabel, owned by House of Queens, extinct in the year 1834. Great benefits were left by the queens by Obidos passed, as the aqueduct and fountains sent build by D. Catarina.

In 1513, with the administrative reform of King Manuel I, Obidos receives a new charter, a time of great urban development.

This gave birth to the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, formerly called Caldas de Obidos, which change occurred with the seasons that the Queen Leonor passed.

Because of its location next to the sea and the lagoon arms, who came to the hill, its always inhabited lands from the Lower Paleolithic, confirmed by Outeiro station builds up to today. Obidos formed the Celtiberian castro, for which many people passed between the Phoenicians and Romans. Wherein, the Romans established a lookout tower, now known to the south of the Torch Tower, the most outpost of the city of Eburobrittium, a large city found and archaeological work phase.

With the earthquake of 1755, parts of the Obidos walls were torn down, as some temples and buildings, changing aspects of Arab and medieval layout.

This village was the scene of great acts, as in the struggles of the Peninsular War, held here the battle of Roliça (formerly belonged to Obidos) and Uprising of April 25, Obidos hosted the preparatory meeting of this revolution.

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