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The city of Peniche comprises a peninsula about 10 kilometers, which culminates to the west of Cape Carvoeiro. Lying in the district of Leiria and holds six parishes, Help, Conception, San Pedro (divides the city of Peniche), Atouguia the Whale, Ferrel and Serra del Rei, in a more rural area. And is bounded to the east by the municipality of Obidos, the south by the Lourinhã county, the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean. Still, separated by the Atlantic extension, we found the Archipelago of Berlenga. This county predominate good beaches for Tourism Sun practices and Sea, Nautical Tourism and various fishing activities.

However, agriculture also stands out. Over the years, this had several people who sought their natural resource, turning and encouraging the fishing and agriculture. These have become economically important activities, and currently also remain influential.

Peniche Island was a relatively sparsely populated region until the mid-fifteenth century. This depended on the village of Atouguia da Baleia, economic and administrative, as this village was considered as one of the most important regions. However, formation of dunário cord allowed the connection between the mainland and Peniche.

Thus, the small Peniche region has become quite popular because this geological link promoted the accessibility and mobility of the population to the coast, where the grounds were the best and most fertile. Finally, the region of Peniche was considered Villa in 1609, and February 1, 1988, became the Peniche city.

The coastal area is a very significant part of the Portuguese territory, an area heavily influenced by the action of the sea that regularly requires some maintenance care to preserve biodiversity. Over the years this area has been attracting more and more passionate about their landscape looking for activities that only the coastal area can offer them.

What stands out most is undoubtedly the beach, and very encouraged by the good climate and environmental conditions provided by the location of the territory.

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