Beaches of Lourinhã

Lourinhã offers five beaches with conditions for the development of water sports such as surfing and bodyboarding, the beaches Areia Branca, Caniçal, Paimogo, Peralta and Puerto money. In Lourinhã county we found two quieter beaches such as Porto das Barcas and Valmitão.

The Areal it is a stage for national surfing events, as has the perfect conditions to practice this sport. This beach has an extensive sandy beach, which makes for a great walk even during the high season.

The Areia Branca it is one of the tourist landmarks of the region, having the necessary conditions to provide great moments of leisure. This is the perfect place for those looking for lots of entertainment and fun, from miniature golf lessons, surfing and bodyboarding. To accompany this offer are the restaurants, bars and terraces.

Caniça is an ideal beach for those who wish to enjoy unique moments with nature, and for those looking to have a moment of fishing, this beach is a perfect place to do so.

The Paimogo it is set in a bay wrapped in natural beauty and protected by Paimogo Fort – a construction of the century. XVII. This beach has a small beach lapped by calm waters, which encourage the underwater exploration, underwater hunting and fishing. Since it is a place to practice artisanal fishing in this bay are still many small boats.

The Peralta it contains an extensive beach hidden by the natural beauty of this place that invites you to great walks by the sea. A landmark of this beach is the shipwrecked galleon of St. Nicholas the General Tristan Mendonça command in 1642.

The Porto Dinheiro is located near a population cluster of fishermen, they are in good restaurants. This beach is held the famous Sea Party, with traditional vacada Beach, in August. The quality of the beach was recognized once again being awarded the blue flag. An existing feature on this beach is the output of small boats that depart daily for fishing.

The Porto das Barcas it is in a unique location where you can see small scale fishing vessels. This has one of the largest in Europe nurseries concentrations.

The Vale de Frades it is a quiet beach, calm and quiet, sought by those who practice diving and deep sea fishing. With its extensive beach invites for long walks by the sea.

The Valmitão it is quite popular for its richness in iodine, for its areal extension lapped by crystal clear waters. These characteristics and conditions were recognized in 2003 with the Blue Flag award. It is a reference place for practicing water sports such as surfing, underwater exploration and spearfishing.

The Zimbral is between the beach of Porto Money and the Porto das Barcas, this is a sought after location for those who enjoy a good day of rest by the sea.

Beaches of the West

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