Beaches of Alcobaça

Alcobaça offers a range of beaches for practicing water sports, from Beach of Falca, Légua, Vale Furado, Água de Madeiros, Parede da Vitória, Polveira and Pedra de Ouro. There is a beach that allows access to people with reduced mobility. The beach of St. Martin and Victoria Paredes Beach are two blue flag beaches, great demand by families and campers. For those looking for more isolated and quiet beaches, Alcobaça offers Beach da Falca, Gralha, Légua and Vale Furado.

The Légua accessible for handicapped, along with a set of restaurant and bar services. It is a secluded and quiet beach in Pinhal de Leiria, with all the conditions for a nice day at the beach.

The São Martinho do Porto is in the bay of São Martinho, its waters are conducive to baths, a good beach for families with children. A guarded beach during the bathing season, and accompanied by the blue flag, a trusted certificate for all those who want a good beach for your children.

The Falca it is composed of a small sand, beach near the Légua. The Beach Falca is unsupervised, nor have infrastructure support, but offers natural beauty and offers a secluded and quiet space.

The Vale Furado It is an idyllic landscape, with superb cliffs and sandy losing sight. This has a beach bar, near the gazebo.

The Água de Madeiros set in a fishing village, this beach attract enough people. This are several restaurants with fish specialties.

The Paredes da Vitória located in the valley with a small stream, so the kids can play. It is quite popular for campers and families. This are some restaurants with good terraces.

The Polvoeira it is a landscape of breathtaking. It has good infrastructure and a bar serving light meals.

The Pedra do Ouro it is surrounded by dunes and cliffs, with a long sandy beach. It is a beach visited by tourists and sport fishing lovers. This is a small restaurant with a terrace.

The Gralha it is a secluded beach between magnificent cliffs and dangerous sea.

Beaches of the West

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