Sobral de Monte Agraço

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Sobral de Monte Agraço municipality located in the district of Lisbon and is part of the Western Region. Limited to the south and west by Mafra and Arruda dos Vinhos, north of Torres Vedras and Alenquer spring. Comprised of three parishes, Sobral, Shoe Store and St. Quintino.

Reportedly the oldest known document, dated October 1, 1180, in 1224 the Roman calendar, being a king’s donation letter Sancho I to the Bishop of Évora, D. Paio, the reguengo the Soveral. This donation was a way to reward the nobles and the Church for the favors rendered to the king and encouraging settlement.

The Cathedral of Evora obtained the papal bulls confirmation can the reguengo Soveral (later called Sobral), which initiated the development of the most important town, next to the Church of San Salvador and Hall, erected by grantees that currently correspond to the area of Salvador and pipes.

To the Bishops of Évora succeeded donee de Monte Agraço to Cardinal Henry, 1st Archbishop of Évora. This ownership remained in the hands of bishops’ Evora to College Foundation and University of the Spirit, which is subjected to the Society of Jesus.

In 1561, Henry get the bull of Pius IV, to the union of Monte Agraço county to the College and University of the Spirit, and separated the archbishop eborense Mesa.

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