Schist Villages

Among the vegetation of the mountains, the schist villages are one of the best kept secrets of Portugal. Among the schist houses come its inhabitants that explain and unravel the curiosity of these unique villages, welcoming and sharing their traditions, stories and arts along with their culinary delights. About 27 villages are the Serra da Lousã and Açor, until near the Serra da Estrela.


In full of magic atmosphere that blends the shale with the green landscape, the houses of schist villages are easily camouflaged in the middle of the surrounding. Rising from the ashes, the schist villages is a tourist spot that has gained fans.

In the north, in places of Midões and Gondar, they are presented with a unique beauty, while Gondarém is a perfect place to make trips by schist houses; already Midões, standing on a hillside with a view of the vineyards of the Douro, this shale village becomes a paradise for a moment of rest.


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