The level of Barcelos can reference from the wonderful discovery and its magnificent historical effects referencing in its historical heritage. Through the historic center of importance to a named building as historical heritage, this building is the town hall, as that makes a building a aggregations series, improvements starting with the core of the old town hall, its major restructuring started in 1849 where crowds the old hospital Holy Spirit that served as support for pilgrims Santiago de Compostela is the sixteenth century, all the facades of history of this building there is today present in rehabilitation and recovery phase.

In order to further strengthen the historical and cultural interest highlights a Cultural Tour, this script sets up for playing the traditional circuits of visiting the city highlighting the houses of men who fought to defend the city named Republican map.


There is the presence of an archaeological museum that it is a space of a palace aged characteristics Ages, becoming – in the museum in the early twentieth century. In this museum we can find a cruise, referring to the miracles of St. James giving thus a Legend of the Rooster of these miracles. It is the church mother nature one reference between the time of Romanesque and Gothic in its construction also owned a bell tower dating from the eighteenth century.

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Theater Gil Vicente

Another monument to be referenced is the oldest city of the show house and called it as Theatre Gil Vicente, its facade dates back to the neoclassical revival.

Teatro Gil Vicente1

House of Vilas Boas Sampaio

We found the House of Vilas Boas Sampaio portraying the Municipal Archives, however we found the monument D. Antonio Barroso is a work of the architect reference. Marques da Silva and sculptor Sousa Caldas.

Casa dos Vilas Boas Sampaio

Quinhentista house

Barcelos found the Quinhentista House also known as Casa Chest is one of the last homes townhouse type Quinhentista this earth. In order to study, document, preserve and disseminate the heritage Olárico that counts nowadays with 9000 pieces.

Casa Bau

Alvito S. Pedro Regional and Ethnographic Museum

Annually with the youth center builds on the work of collection, documentation and awareness of undervalued parts keeping these clean and organized parts.

Museu Regional

Sá Carneiro Square

Not to let its splendor this land makes up a Municipal Art Gallery named as Plazza Sá Carneiro this space is dedicated to reflection and appreciation streamlining through the action of large exhibitions of local and national artists.

Praceta Sa Carneiro

Tower of Porta Nova

The tower of Porta Nova’s main function is the center of interpretation of the rooster and the city of Barcelos. This space began to perform his duties in July 2013. This equity space as a second opening hours – Friday from 10 am to 18 pm and on weekends and holidays is from 10am to 13h and 14:30 to 17:30. And closes on 24 and 25 December, Good Friday and Easter Day. In this space carries Guided tours but must be booked and scheduled 72 hours in advance.


House of Machados da Maia

The Municipal Library also known as the House of the Machados Maia, this building was built in the sixteenth century. As the entire city, it also has a field of fair oldest and most traditional of the country having in essence local vegetables and crafts.

Casa dos Machados da Maia

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

It is the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, this church contains a blazing inside, it is all baroque art reference with panels of blue and white tile 1713, shown or being present scenes from the route of St. Benedict and emblems and valuable golden carved it.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Terco