Gastronomy in the North

Foundation of Portugal, the North maintains its authentic character and its people keep the northern authenticity, when they received with great hospitality and keeping in mind the welcoming tradition of the visit. With smile, offer the best of its gastronomy, including snacks and wine, the satisfaction would not be another.

Starting with the dish of soup, here stands the green broth that your cabbage is born in the fertile and green fields of the north; following for the fish dish, the northern West offers the best fish, strongly appreciated by great chefs and international chefs, such as trout, lamprey and shad which are transformed into culinary delights.

Moving on to the meat dish, the North is a region with good pastures, its green fields feed cattle, which have Protected Designation of Origin, including Barrosã races, Mirandesa, Maronesa, Arouquesa and lamb Terrincho Transmontano or goats Barroso along with the pork dishes very appreciated, especially the rockets, sarrabulho and guts à moda do Porto, which is one of the symbols of the city of Porto.

Another landmark of the northern cuisine is the French girl, a dish of stuffed bread sandwich base and desalted by secrets of northern soul. Traveling sausages keys or Mirandela or that come from the creation of the Bisaro pork. Already sausage Mirandela and Miranda do Douro evades pork because their Jewish origins do not allow it.


Interesting North

Dating back to the fish, the northern region has a diverse cuisine focused for cod, because here come the cod dishes such as cod à Gomes de Sá, Zé do Pipo, the cookie recipes to Minho, to Margaret of Viana Square Castle, the Narcisa de Braga and many others. But without ceasing to be missing and excellent companion is the oil of Tras-os-Montes, which presents with high quality and delicacy.

Essential link to the Douro River, the northern region is blessed by wine fields that offer the Port Wine and Vinho Verde, Douro and Távora and Varosa, respectively. A highly appreciated drink that goes very well with each dish and harmonizo specific way, between appetizers, light meals, fish dishes or seafood, such as Vinho Verde; or more intense flavors of dishes that require a wine of superior quality as is the Port.

Finishing the dessert, which highlights the Priscos Abbot Pudding Braga or the renowned custard burnt bacon from heaven, or rice vermicelli and sweet.

Pudim de Abade de Priscos