Peso de Régua

In Peso da Regua are out institutions that were essential to the development of both the city and the county and the region, including the building of the General Company of Agriculture of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro, today is the seat of Douro Museum, which was founded in 1756 by the Marquis of Pombal, with the objective was the demarcation of vineyards which would produce the Port wine, thus creating the first demarcated region and regulated in the world: the Douro region, and along with the Casa do Douro, created in 1932, being the regulator of wines.

Museu do Douro

Port wine comes from the recognition both nationally and internationally, for its value and quality, which is the true reflection of Portuguese culture and personality. Enjoying wine is something that takes time and teaching a lesson in patience. The creation process of the Port Wine comes from a lesson in alchemy, which brings together all the elements, from land to water, heat, cold, in which humans learned to use their skills to create the divine alcoholic delight, that frees the spirit and warms the soul.

Portugal Habitat Trip 2008

In 1756, it was the first demarcation of the Douro region, which over the years, thanks to the Marquis of Pombal was given prominence among the other regions. The Douro is one of the most beautiful wine-producing landscapes and exude grandeur, with its shale amphitheater and vines, which have been altered by human hand, they wanted to get the best wine in the world.


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