Green wine – Alto Douro

The Alto Douro is a region that produces its wines for over two thousand years, being demarcated and regulated wine region, more atinga of Portugal and the world. Thus, UNESCO has classified this area as a World Heritage site, this consists of thirteen municipalities as Alijó, Armamar, Carrazeda Ansiães, Lamego, Mesão Frio, Peso da Regua, Sabrosa, Santa Marta de Penaguião, São João da Pesqueira , Tabuaço, Moncorvo Tower, Vila Nova de Foz Coa and Vila Real.

Alto Douro Vinhateiro

Therefore, the Alto Douro Wine Region is the most representative and preserved well area of the Douro Region, where the landscape is a masterpiece and centuries, demonstrating the adapted techniques and traditions that humans were exploring and saving to improve the production of wines, especially the designation of origin “Port” and “Douro”, but not forgetting the olive and almond trees, which translate into an expression “Pure, perfect is his quality”.

A landscape that recalls the crossroads of peoples and cultures, and that is cultivated from the period of colonization of the Romans, who organized the territory to achieve plant vineyards and consequently get wine. Even during the Muslim occupation this momentum has slowed since the Koran forbids consumption.

Interesting North

Already in the late Middle Ages, and the establishment of religious orders, in this case the Cistercians, the Douro landscape came to life once more, due to strong export and commercialization of Port Wine, as much for domestic markets and for international.

Over the years, this landscape evolved culturally and economically developing conditions in the wine industry, promoting the land frame systems, such as dry stone walls. With a dry climate, with a long exposure to the sun and large temperature variations, the Alto Douro becomes very hot in summer and chilly in the winter.

In order to appreciate such greatness, it was elaborated Route Green Wine that over 49 municipalities, you can enjoy every piece of land between the beach and mountain, each legend, history and tradition that involves the process to create the best white wine , the color of the entire Douro landscape.

The unique beauty and excellence of the Minho region, which follow the paths to unlock the secrets and ancient origins of wine culture, diving into the pure and true Portuguese history. Among farms, wineries, restaurants, accommodations and tourist entertainment entity, which itself came together to offer the best that Green Wine Route may have the curious, visitors and tourists, heavily promoting its discovery and essentially your proof that it is complemented by the friendliness and hospitality of the people presenting them their big smile.

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