Beaches of the Alentejo Coast

On the gentle slopes and steep coasts, Alentejo beaches have become the best of Portugal, being accompanied by both natural vein and the vein that allows us to offer the best conditions for bathers. In southwards from Troia to Odeceixe, bordering the Algarve, fine whitish sand that leave bathe the Atlantic mass, they are the most representative element of these beaches of the Alentejo Coast.

Beaches of Alentejo

Porto Covo – Grande Beach

Lying in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, a small fishing village grew keeping its charming lines and its tranquility transpired by whitewashed houses and contrasting with the blue ocean. In this village is the Praia Grande, surrounded by large boulders that shelter from strong winds and welcome the clear waters of calm often do not have nothing but delight surfers.

Porto Covo Praia Grande

Pessegueiro island

Opposite to this island, is the Peach Tree Island Beach, which has traces of an ancient human occupation, counted on a factory of fish salting Roman times, where most likely the name came from the Latin “piscatorius”. In the bathing season are several boats that promote visits to this island, through a canal that was once a safe haven of the Romans and Carthaginians, and who is currently a perfect place for windsurfing, canoeing and diving.

Ilha do Pessegueiro praia

Vila Nova de Milfontes

This highlights are two beaches, the Malhão Beach has an extensive sandy area, where its ripple allows the practice of water sports such as surfing and bodyboarding, this beach is also possible to nudism.

Vila Nova de Milfontes Praia do Malhao

Already Aivados Beach, also known as Buzinheiro Beach with an extensive sandy strip at the base of its cliff lies a shingle cord that allow the extension to the beach further south.

Vila Nova de Milfontes Praia de Aivados

Zambujeira do Mar

Being part of the Costa Vicentina Natural Park and Southwest Alentejo, the Zambujeira do Mar Beach is surrounded by very high cliffs that offer a unique view of the ocean, which creates a strong swell, perfect for surfing and bodyboarding. This beach runs always the first weekend weekend of August the Southwest Festival, one of the most important music festivals in Portugal.

Praia da Zambujeira do Mar

Already a few kilometers from Zambujeira do Mar, is the Carvalhal Beach are Teotonio, for this can be accessed by dirt or by Brejão of town. Being surrounded by a natural framework with a deep cut valley pro a stream running down to the sea, this beach has gained visitors for its tranquility.

Praia do Carvalhal Sao Teotonio

Grândola – Aberta Nova Beach

This beach is the perfect picture of nature in its purest state, with an extensive beach almost without human intervention, just relying on a support bar, this beach is considered one of the most beautiful Alentejo region. This is much sought after by lovers of peace, calm and seek natural touch and unique in a particular beach.

Praia Aberta Nova

Lagoa de Santo André – Coast Beach of Santo André

The beach of Santo André Costa is next to Santo André Lagoon, part of the Natural Reserve area, which also bathes the Atlantic Ocean and the serene waters of the lagoon. This beach is surrounded by golden dunes, uniting two sides of the beach, the front of the rough sea, perfect for windsurfing and canoeing, and the front of the pond, a quieter setting, which allows the observation of the natural landscape and birds that nest there.

Praia da Costa de Santo Andre