Heritage in Lisbon

Born of a citadel, which was located in the current Castle of Sao Jorge, Lisbon always desired for its proximity to the Tagus River, fertile land and privileged view, was occupied from human beginnings, through the Roman occupation, to be called Olisipo , until the Muslim occupation, the largest and most desirable commercial center of Africa and Europe.

In the year 1147, D. Afonso Henriques, 1st King of Portugal, Lisbon achievement. From this achievement, battles were fought, and Lisbon continues to grow, to develop, to the fateful donates 1 November 1755, when a great earthquake shakes the city, destroying, burning and killing. However, an urban renewal plan, the Marquis of Pombal rules, Prime Minister of King José, offer the main features that Lisbon today shows.

Continuing to develop, to internationalize, globalize itself today Lisbon is a multicultural point, multifaceted, multidisciplinary, full of activity, movement, joy and sorrow, a world pure and beautiful Lisbon.

A cosmopolitan capital, modern preserving its antiquity and authenticity through a cultural offer, natural and historical, which itself speak, between museums, neighborhoods, events and festivals, this ancient city, full of life of the Roman era, through the times Moorish to the Portuguese empire.

Heritage of Lisbon Region

Heritage of Lisbon Region