It is a city boasting unique composition waters across the peninsula. In the presence of the city as a whole is to present traces of prehistoric civilizations reflecting the existence of settlements from the distant Paleolithic period, as well as monuments of the Neolithic period. This city remounted to the territory in Portuguese 1160, after a number of battles over the years thus ensuring once and for toas by building protection at the border so it fortifies built a wall.


The Chaves spa also known as – the Emperor SPA, these spa hot gifts waters symbolize the ancient tradition of healing musculoskeletal disorders, digestive and respiratory system, thus taken advantage of the medicinal properties.

termas de Chaves

National Monuments of Chaves

Donjon and Surrounding garden – this monument is national since 22 March 1938. He sue the outside is blown away by a splendid garden that are composed with some parts of the museum of Flaviense region and can also enjoy from it an overview of whole valley of Chaves.

Torre de Menagem

North destinations of Portugal

Church of St. Mary Major – This church is of medieval times with her all traces of experience this time and other important for historical knowledge having in its interior a chapel that stands out as the Blessed Sacrament chapel, taking in its beauty interior panels of combining tiles with mannerist elements with the national baroque structure.

Igreja de Santa Maria Maior

Misericordia Church – This church is located in the historic center of the city, is detailed and carefully decorated with pilasters and windows made their base of medieval urban construction fence.

Igreja da Misericordia

Roman Trajan’s Bridge – This bridge it is stressed the most important legacy of the empire “Aquee Flavie.”

Ponte Romana de Trajano

Fort and Convent of San Francisco – This space is devoted in the San Francisco Soledade order as well as the strong consecrates in a magnificent four-star hotel.

Forte e Convento de Sao Francisco

Town Hall Building – This building was built in sec. XIX belonged in origin to Antonio de Souza Pereira Coutinho morgado of Vilar de Perdizes, one of Celebre Domingos Mendes Dias heir. It was purchased by the municipality on February 8, 1811 by the President of the Municipality Augusto César de Morais Camp.

Edificio Camara Municipal

Palace of the Dukes of Bragança – located throughout the monumental complex of the most emblematic that make up the historic city center.

Paco dos Duques de Braganca

St. Stephen Castle – This castle have references as dated in the eleventh century, being a rural property. This castle was granted to protect the high society of any wars. A historical event that occurred was Afonso III receive his future wife Beatriz.

Castelo de Santo Estevao

Bolideira stone – a stone is considered a Natural Monument that can not be knocked over or pushed by a human being because of their weight and size.

Pedra Bolideira

Castro Curalha – this area was populated by several years in the Alti-Medieval Roman people by taking their three lines around each other lines of walls.

Castro de Curalha