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Sport in Algarve

The Algarve is presented with ideal conditions, excellence and quality of infrastructure, makes it a perfect destination for the practice of sport and the stages of high competition. With the most stable weather of Portugal and Europe, the Algarve has temperatures ranging between 15 and 31 on average is bathed in sunshine for 3.500 hours per year and low rainfall, together with the superior natural conditions, infrastructure hotel and sports, the Algarve has the capacity to satisfy all sporting needs, both professionally as a playful level.

The sports such as football, athletics and tennis long sought these conditions and consequently seek the Algarve to do internships and competitions. Being able to count on infrastructure such as Vila Real de Santo Antonio Sports Complex or the Algarve Stadium, offer conditions for the practice of various sports. Among other modalities, such as canoeing and rugby, they choose the Algarve to conduct their internships during the winter. And being a destination close to the sea, large sporting events and international championships, such as golf, power boating, cross country, cycling, fishing, sailing, mountain biking and acrobatic sports also seeking the Algarve for its excellent conditions.

Leisure in Algarve