Beaches in Portimão

Portimão receives thousands of visitors who seek for their city animation and the wonders of nature. Its diverse offering is perfect for all tastes and interests, especially in the aspect of the beaches. The Vau beach, the Three Brothers and Alvor present scenarios where the rocks framing the sand and the sea, suitable for all ages, with a natural security, surveillance and with good support infrastructures. The beach of Vau has calm waters, always betting on the beach animation and the wide range of fun and healthy activities. The long sandy beach of Alvor is a lure for many swimmers, being situated in front of the estuary, which enables you to perform short journeys of observation of nature and teach younger all the rules of respect for wildlife. In the village of Alvor, a small beach provides a good break the bathing routine. And at its end, is the source, the beach of the Three Brothers is limited by rocks when the tide is low, allow the passage to Prainha neighbor.

Beaches of Algarve

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