Beaches in Lagoa

Some of the Lagoa beaches are inserted in high cliffs and is only accessible through the ocean. Others come easily to the ground, but no nature left them praise. A work of millions of years, in which erosion carved the limestone, the most magical places that are worth exploring and observe any season of the year.

Bathing beaches are equipped with a set of services to bathers, a restaurant, toilets, showers, concession awnings, surveillance by lifeguards, waste collection, among others. However, these beaches contain strict monitoring program ensures the high quality of bathing water.

Natural beaches are composed of clear waters that attract thousands of visitors to the warm sands, stretched over 17 km of limestone cliffs. In recent decades has established itself naturally the use of some of these sand languages, albeit with minimal or even non-existent services, do not prevent bathers.

The Lagoa wild beaches are embedded in the limestone cliffs, and most of them inaccessible by land and many are difficult to access, even by sea. These beaches nature glorified the wonderful nooks and transparent waters, being beautiful and dangerous, in need of some care for the safety of people and goods do not be concerned, always trying to keep a safe distance from the cliffs. And never forgetting that these beaches are not supervised by lifeguards and the evacuation of persons can be time consuming.

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