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Golf in Castro Marim

In the region of Castro Marim, we highlight the golf courses.

Castro Marim Golfe and Country Club

This offers in a breathtaking view of mountains, Atlantic Ocean and Guadiana River Ocean, a golf course designed by Terry Murrey, the Atlantic Course stands in a rolling terrain, accompanied by pine and other tree species, which are integrated perfectly in an environment natural, to unite to challenge players with low handicaps with lakes and bunkers, with trees in the center of the fairways, a course with 18 holes.

Castro Marim Golfe and Country Club

Quinta do Vale – Golfe e Urbanizações Vale do Odiana Sucursal

Quinta do Vale1

Designed by golfer Silveriano Ballestra, this field has a 18-hole courses, spread over six PAR 5, six PAR 4:06 PAR 3. This field integrating the unique natural environment, extending over a genuine valley, with the Guadiana river to follow. Regardless of your handicap, the practitioner is able to feel all the creativity and genuineness of a layout of one of the most beautiful golf courses of the Iberian Peninsula.

Golf in Algarve

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