Arade Estuary in Lagoa

The estuary of the Arade in Lagoa, is located on the western Algarve region, despite being the second largest estuary in the Algarve, it has a catchment area of 996 km2 and its main tributaries of the river Boina and Odelouca. This estuary has a vast area of marshland areas that are crossed by small creeks constituted by important habitats for several species of birds and serve as a nursery for fish species. This is why this estuary is classified as International Importance Wetland (Corine biotope).

estuario do Arade

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Mexilhoeira Carregação, is a set of salt where you can see the stilt and sometimes some flamingos. In the marshland zone, during low tide allows us to observe the gulls and waders, as the common-red-leg, common-green-leg and the Common Sandpiper, also here can be seen Wagtail yellow and crested lark.

In Parchal zone there is another complex salt, the navies of Parchal, and adjacent estuarianos sludges are some waders, such as the Sandpiper-big-toed, plover-gray, the torch-Galician and rolls from the -sea. In this port, are the seagulls including gull-winged gull-dark and silvery. To the south, in Ferragudo, is the common-tern and some seagulls.

In municipal Lagoa Park, the sources of the site is a unique natural area with a variety of landscaped environments like marshland, paul, shrubbery and a small seasonal pond, which make this space a pleasant natural heritage.

Mexilhoeira da Carregacao
Marinhas do Parchal
Sitio das Fontes