Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina

The coastal strip, between Odeceixe and Burgau, presents a different Algarve, a place where nature is strongly protected and preserved in its wild mode, which means that the landscape is simply beautiful. This area belongs to the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo, which begins in the Southwest Alentejo and is a protected coastal extension. Between beaches with long sandy beaches, the shale and limestone cliffs, the sea bathes them in a natural melody.

Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina mapa

Nature in Algarve

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Spanning more than 60 kilometers from Odeceixe, bordering the Alentejo, to Cabo de São Vicente, the most southwestern point of the European continent. Contrasts are observed between the rocky and steep coastline with small bays surrounded by the blue sea, and accompanied by a climate less hot Algarvian and more provocative ripple that calls for surfers and paragliders.

Being one of the most natural reserves of Portugal, the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina easily reaches over 70 thousand hectares. In this area you can find the Sagres Biogenetic Reserve of the Cabo de São Vicente and Ponta de Sagres, which is a unique and ecological system that attracts thousands of ornithologists, who during the Autumn thousands of birds make their way from Central Europe and North to Africa.

The town most recognized in Costa Vicentina is Sagres with an important history, which highlights Infante D. Henrique in the fame of the village. Currently, Sagres offers one of the best fish markets of Europe and for the adventurous audience, this village is paradise for socializing and surfing. Already Burgau and Salema are locality known as holiday destinations on the south coast of the Natural Park.

From the coast, Vila do Bispo is still little explored, but with natural resources with extreme potential to explore. More to the north, Aljezur bathes by its banks looking to the sea.

Throughout the year, the Costa Vicentina is more than a paradise, its vegetation, rock formations and baths angry sea, offer a color multiplication, green, to yellow, red, pink and blue, that dazzle anyone.

ponta de sagres