Arade River in Silves

Whether by the sea, in Barrocal or Serra, Silves county offers nature lovers perfect conditions for the practice of sports activities, and radical nature. While the mountains, can be explored through hiking, cycling, vehicles of all-terrain or even horse. Other activities that can also realize pass through boating, canoeing, diving and fishing in the river Arade. To promote nature in a sustainable way, the municipality of Silves produced several routes: Pond Path, S. Marcos da Serra; Course of Vilarinha, S. B. Messines; Course Salgados, Armacao de Pera.

By the end of the twentieth century, the river Arada was the main access road to the town of Silves, which in this, the river has always maintained communication between the sea and the port of Portimão. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, while Silves was at its peak, the river Arade was an obligatory passing place where the barge went up to the gates of the city of loaded goods. In the second half of the nineteenth century, while Silves center cork producer kept the cork filled barges was transported to the mouth. So, to find the path taken by one of the commercial veins of the Arade to Silves, boat trips are enriching experiences, and sailing through the fields, from Portimão to the historic town of Silves.


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